JIFSAN delivers four GAPs/GMPs Train-the-Trainer programs in India (March 1-11, 2016)

JIFSAN delivered four Train-the-Trainer programs throughout India in March 2016. The programs were part of the Collaborative Training Center (CTC) that JIFSAN has in partnership with the India Spices Board and the India Food and Agriculture Centre of Excellence.

Led by Drs. James Rushing and Clare Narrod, the two-day trainings focused on the basic concepts of Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) associated with the supply chain of spices. Participants included spice growers, horticultural and agricultural officers, spice experts from state universities, and spice industry representatives.

While in India, Drs. Rushing and Narrod also attended the World Spice Congress, a bi-annual event organized by the Spices Board that draws many international stakeholders in the spice industry.


Dr. Clare Narrod with fennel harvest workers in Sirohi, Rajasthan