JIFSAN and the Malaysia Ministry of Health Initiated Collaborations on Food Safety Capacity Building


JIFSAN and the University of Maryland have been contacted by many in the international community for assistance in enhancing their country’s food safety and quality programs because of its reputation as a premier source of food safety training programs.

In February 2013, JIFSAN, Delta Professional Consultancy and the Malaysia Ministry of Health initiated a three year project that focuses on building: laboratory testing capacity; risk analysis capabilities; increasing the skills of the Ministry’s food inspection staff; and increasing their understanding of global food laws and regulations.  Over 20 training programs on these subjects have been planned through 2015.

To date, 8 food safety professionals from the Ministry of Health have participated in trainings at JIFSAN in risk analysis (6), pesticide residue analysis (2), and microbiology testing (4).  JIFSAN has recently sent experts to Malaysia to conduct its Food Inspector Trainer program for 40 members of the Malaysia inspection service.  Additionally, the four Malaysians who were trained in microbiology testing methods, at JIFSAN, became the in-country trainers for a group of 18 analysts during a hands-on laboratory training course in methods for food microbiology with the support of 2 instructors from JIFSAN.  In January 2014 JIFSAN traveled to Malaysia again to conduct a week long Food Safety and Food Defense course for a mixture of government officials and local heads of industry. It is anticipated that the partnership will go beyond these training programs to continue to enhance the food safety and quality system in this dynamic emerging economy in the Asia Pacific region.

For more information visit: JIFSAN and the Malaysia Ministry of Health Collaborative Framework on Food Safety Capacity Building