JIFSAN Delivers Phase II of the Thailand Processed Packaged Foods Training Initiative


Steps toward the establishment of a Collaborative Training Center in Thailand in support of the Thai processed foods industry are proceeding well. As a follow-up to the CSFP Phase I program delivered in Thailand in 2013, JIFSAN delivered Phase II May 12-23 in the United States.

The program was entitled Processed Packaged Foods in order to include discussion of foods that are not commercially sterile. A select group of eleven course participants from Thailand traveled to College Park, Maryland for 6 days of intensive training at the JIFSAN training center. From there they traveled to the Institute for Food Safety and Health near Chicago, Illinois for two additional days of training. Twenty four experts from the U.S. led active discussion sessions and five of the Thai participants delivered seminars on the Thai food industries, national food safety control programs, and academic support programs. Feedback from participants as well as the teaching team has been positive. During the program an MOU was signed between JIFSAN and King Mongkutt’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT) where the formal Center will be established. Connect here to learn more about the JIFSAN Global Collaborative Food Safety Training Initiative.