JIFSAN Delivers a GAqP Training Course in Nellore and Cochin, India

A JIFSAN Train-the-Trainer program for Good Aquaculture Practices was conducted twice in India – in Cochin from March 2-8, 2013, and in Nellore from March 11-15, 2013 with 28 and 29 participants, respectively, in each location. The programs included the Basic Seafood HACCP course sanctioned by the Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO).  Attendees represented the seafood processing industry, Marine Export Development Association (MPEDA), and the Export Inspections Council (EIC). The training team included Brett Koonse and Stanley Serfling (CFSAN), John Sproul,  Mark Farrell, and Dipesh Shah (OIP/India), and Mike Jahncke  and Tom Rippen (JIFSAN). Not all of the instructors attended both locations.

During both programs trainers and students traveled to a shrimp farm and shrimp processor to conduct a food safety assessment of harvest and processing procedures. On the final day students presented and discussed their observations on food safety practices from the field trip.

Harvesting shrimp at a field trip site.